Under the Amalfi sun

Under the Amalfi sun

Under the Amalfi sun, a Netflix movie that makes you fall in love.

A teenage love story set in the famous Amalfi is the recently released Netflix movie. Could I have missed the opportunity, as someone who lives in the place, to comment and analyze the film with you?

Absolutely not.

Where Under the Amalfi Sun is set


Let’s start from the beginning, the film Under the Amalfi sun was mostly shot in Atrani, the smallest town in Italy, right next to Amalfi. (I will also tell you about Atrani but not today!).

It was shot last year, I remember it well, even those who came on vacation remember it well precisely because Atrani was not accessible, they closed the whole town. Perhaps this is the reason for choosing the main location, it would have been difficult to close Amalfi.

The characters in extras during the various scenes are actually all local people, whom I know personally, so from a certain point of view it is also very nice to see that the places and costumes reflect reality.

Is the depiction of Amalfi true?

The protagonists enter the scene with the arrival at Naples airport, the closest airport to the Amalfi Coast connected precisely by ferry. As I have told you several times in other articles, especially in summer it is the best way to travel.

The villa where the boys are staying is a private villa, located between Amalfi and Atrani precisely. I would like to point out the decor of the house, most of the houses on the Amalfi Coast choose this style in which blue white and yellow predominate. Vietri statues and ceramics are also unfailing features. Not to mention the breathtaking view, something unique and different for each villa that is positioned high.

An excellent representation of the Amalfi Coast.

One scene in particular has stuck with me. When the main character goes out without leaving a message and without a phone, family and friends start desperately looking for him, what stands out is the struggle of going up and down the streets and stairs. The Amalfi Coast is all like that!

Narrow streets, tunnels, stairways, arches, cobblestones and small squares are typical of all the villages that make up the Divina.

Forget heels, pay attention to the wheels of your stroller, and be prepared to exercise at all times of the day!

Rione Vallendola, the heart of Amalfi

You probably don’t know it’s called that, but the historic center of Amalfi is called Rione Vallendola, starts from Piazza Duomo (where precisely the famous Amalfi Cathedral stands), and is basically a single street, not even too big, that goes up. Here you can find all the handicraft stores (sandals, ceramics, souvenirs, clothes…), gelato shops and fish shops that all together create the typical Amalfi atmosphere and scents.

Continuing down this street, halfway down, is the wonderful Fountain of the Donkey. They frame it very well in the film, right next to the entrance to the Supportico Rua.

This fountain is special because inside it is a nativity scene, with handmade figurines, where you can toss a coin and make a wish. Drinking from the mouth of the fountain brings good luck, and don’t be surprised if you see someone doing it-the water in every spring here comes from natural springs, so it’s fresh and drinkable.

The best time to visit Amalfi

Under the Amalfi sun was filmed in the summer last year. You’ll remember perfectly that 2021 was a special year after the pandemic, no one would have expected all that crowding and an upswing in tourism of that magnitude.

Here I’ll tell you more, the scene of the walk in the historic center makes you realize how many people there normally are from mid-May until the end of September (the high season for the Amalfi Coast). It’s always so crowded during the day, which doesn’t make the walk so relaxing also because that small street is also passed by residents or any tourists with cars.

I recommend you go through it in the late afternoon, from 7pm onwards so you can avoid the daily tourism and enjoy every single store!

The Cathedral of Amalfi

Amalfi Cathedral

It rises majestically over the main square. You cannot fail to notice it when you arrive in Amalfi. The most important church founded in 987 AD.

Recently renovated, it is covered in gold, both in the facade and inside.

Dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle, it is the heart of the town of Amalfi and the center of every event and manifestation.

It is beautiful by day, and it is beautiful by night. Enjoying a coffee or Aperol Spritz in front of her infuses you with tranquility and wonder.

You can visit her internally for a small fee; there are descriptive brochures in multiple languages at the entrance so you don’t need a guide. You can also visit the Paradise Cloister, which is to the left of the main entrance.

It is a consecrated temple, I recommend that you have appropriate clothing to enter and at least your shoulders covered.

A dip in the sea

Oh yes, unfortunately the beaches are so small and for the most part are private. Amalfi like its Coast is not famous for wide spaces.

Bathing establishments follow each other all over the beach, it is always recommended to book the sunbed and umbrella of which the cost varies from 25 to 50 euros depending on the services they offer.

The only free beach I can point you to is the Spiaggia della Sirena, the one that is filmed in several scenes (such as the talk between Vincenzo and Lucio) which is the last one on the waterfront near the harbor. It is small but very nice.

The best solution is the boat

What is the best solution to dive into the sea without stress? Obviously the boat.

Whether you rent it or arrange a tour with a sailor, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to take a nice tour of the Amalfi Coast by boat.

I always highly recommend it because the view, the blue sea and the intimacy that the boat gives you are extremely necessary things to create emotions and memories of your vacation.

Not surprisingly the most beautiful quote from the movie Under the amalfi sun was said right on the boat:

sea experiences


“To all the trains you catch by chance that take you to unexpected places.”

Under the Amalfi sun: love stories in beautiful frames

The plot of the film is very beautiful, if adolescent, the authors managed to tell the story of the place through images.

Many scenes were filmed at the Fjord of Furore, it is quite normal to find the most beautiful views for movies, however, as a good travel designer that I am, I must remind you that distances matter, so don’t think you can rent a bike and get to Furore without getting sweaty!

Under the Amalfi sun: an inspirational film

I do not comment on the plot of the film, it is subjective, however, I can say with certainty that Under the Amalfi sun managed to express through a screen the emotions and awe of a unique place.

It took romance to a high level by making one believe in ” everything is possible.”

A bit like this land that has created a unique identity for itself by captivating those who come to discover it with its highlights: the sea, the sun, the mountains, the cuisine and its history.


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  1. Hi,

    Loved movie, scenery, your article!!
    Thank you!
    Hoping can see Fjord and Praino on way ( ride) from Sorrento to Positano ( stop for 2 hrs) then to place in Ravello.
    Would love to know what you think!
    On Amalfi coast for 5 days, staying near Sorrento for 2 nights, , Ravello for 4 nights:)


    1. Hello Joan!Thank you for the compliment of the article!
      From Sorrento, the first town you will encounter on the Coast is Positano. I don’t think you’ll have enough time to see Furore or Praiano when you’re in Positano, however, I can suggest on the days you’ll be in Ravello to take the bus down to Amalfi and from there take the ferry (travelmar) to the fjord and then to Praiano. Just remember that in the evening, the last ferry is at about 8 pm and the last bus is at 10-11 pm so plan well to get back to Ravello if not you will have to take an ncc (the private cabs on the coast).
      I am sure you will have a great trip! The Amalfi Coast is enchanting… if you then want to organize day trips I leave here the link

      Brigida 🙂

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