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Hi, I am Brigida



For years I worked in contact with people, in restaurants and hotel receptions. I had the opportunity to meet many tourists who came to visit the Amalfi Coast. I realized when talking to them that the most frequent questions were those of research of uniqueness and authenticity of the places. So I decided to study and pursue a career in tourism. 

Amalficoast’s Green Lung is a Tailor Made Tour Operator, that is really made to measure according to your needs. We guarantee you a perfectly planned trip.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional agencies because we offer truly personalized travel experiences for those who are always looking for a unique and exclusive trip, where everything runs smoothly.

As true citizens of the world, we know places and people because we love diversity and the beauty of cultural contamination. That’s why we address ourselves to those who want to know the diversity of peoples, touch the most remote places in Unesco sites and fill themselves with the colors and scents of the world.

We are the most appropriate response to the desire to properly understand the traditions of the people of the Amalfi Coast and penetrate deeply into the wonderful and fascinating world of rural, peasant, natural and sustainable environment.  The programs are obviously modified according to the needs, passions, hobbies, desires of the tourist guest, who is looking for an original vacation, of varied cultural deepening.

We guarantee an experience masterfully organized to transform into reality the Journey of Life that you have always dreamed of.



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What Do I Do For You?

It is easy to book a plane and a hotel online, but having the certainty of someone who supports you throughout your stay gives you security for any unforeseen event in a foreign country. Reliability and competence is what we want to transmit to you.

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