Have you ever been to the Real Amalfi Coast?

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I decided to write this blog post to introduce myself. I’m a young girl living on the Amalfi Coast, moved here for love of this land. I will make you live through my articles the true soul of this paradise and I will leave you useful tips to enjoy it fully!

I have been working for the last few years in restaurants and reception in Amalfi. As you well know the Amalfi Coast is world famous, the flow of tourists every day is not indifferent, regardless of the time of year. Sometimes I found myself serving pasta dishes and dispensing advice on every question: “Why is the Coast famous?”, “What should I visit?”, “What is the smartest way to get around?”. Every question was answered, but I realized that the core problem is that there is a lack of a personalized guide for every desire of those who want to discover the true essence of these places.

The thing that left me most perplexed was seeing how many people were coming to Amalfi and they were not at all relaxed. To tell the truth they were very stressed. Unfortunately there is not enough organization in this area to accommodate so many tourists every day with different needs.

Imagine a trip to Italy with two days stop on the Amalfi Coast.

You have only two days to visit everything you can. You get organized: arrive in Naples, take the train to Salerno then the bus to Amalfi. Reach the B&B, check in, change and leave. You discover Amalfi in the afternoon, visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Emerald Grotto and the Ferriere Valley, have dinner and go back to sleep. You wake up, Positano in the morning by ferry then return to Amalfi, take the bus and go to Ravello, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. You stay overnight and then return to Naples on the same bus to Salerno and train. It’s a brilliant plan!

But then …

#1 You arrive in Naples,

find the shuttle to go to the station after 45 minutes but you manage to get there. Satisfied, you buy the tickets for Salerno: five minutes late… fifteen minutes late… forty minutes late… The train has been cancelled (this has happened to me very often!). You want your tickets refunded but there are already a hundred people in line. You are on vacation, you don’t want to ruin your day, anyway time is short. Forget it, leave the station and look for a bus, the directions are not found, Google shows a bus but the stop is not marked. You start to go around the station of Naples until stop a Cab who knows that you are a tourist and offers to take you to Amalfi for the beauty of 200 euros. You’ve already lost three hours on the schedule, maybe it’s time to accept.

Finally in Amalfi

after two hours and can’t wait to take a shower so you can get off to a great start. You remain hopeful because you still have time to visit but you have to take something out. You go to the port and find the ticket for the Emerald Grotto, too bad it closes at 4:30 pm! It doesn’t matter, skip ahead to the Amalfi Cathedral, gorgeous! Now you’re on your way to Ferriere Valley but it’s getting dark. Give up and stop at the souvenir stores you find on the main street. The day is heartened with an excellent dinner overlooking the sea, finally a pleasure!

Amalfi Cathedral
Cattedrale di Amalfi Sant’Andrea

#2 On the second day

you wake up early to go to Positano, the cheapest way is by bus, what’s 18 kilometers on the SS? Google Maps says it’s 46 minutes. You set off. Halfway down the road the bus crosses another in the opposite direction, the road is too narrow! More cars continue to queue up, now what? An hour has passed and they’ve managed to unblock, you could never have imagined such a thing, but you’ve arrived in Positano. You limit yourself to visiting what you can without taking too long because you have to take the ferry at 2pm to return to Amalfi. Walking through the historic center, do some shopping and enjoy an hour on the beach of Marina Grande where you managed to book a sunbed online.

Take the ferry, where you are you’ve won a place among the throng of people and return to Amalfi. Looking for the bus stop to Ravello you start to get tired, because you hadn’t considered the thousands of stairs you took in Positano “the vertical city”.

In the early afternoon you arrive in the city of art and music, you are enchanted.

View from Villa Rufolo- Ravello

Visit Villa Cimbrone, fascinated by the atmosphere and the breathtaking view, you are happy.

Return to the square but it is late to visit Villa Rufolo, the ticket offices are closing. You stop to eat in a nice restaurant but you have to hurry because the last bus is at 9pm.

The second day is over. The next morning you take the flight back to Naples but you organize yourself directly with a Cab because you can’t afford to lose so much time. Flight is not waiting for you.

You are happy, despite everything it was a nice trip, but you are disappointed because you had dreamed so much of coming to the Amalfi Coast and you didn’t manage to see everything you had planned. Promised yourself that you would come back and be more organized, maybe even more days.

You realize that probably with an expert guide of the area you would have organized your time better, with a person who could have foreseen all these variables you probably would have had the best vacation of your life.

In this day and age you can organize everything you want independently, the internet is teeming with offers, services, advertisements, but how many of these offers are really tailored to your needs?

It’s not hard to buy a plane ticket or book a sunbed at the beach through an app, but do you really have time to study in detail the distances, maps, activities and experiences you can do abroad?

Who better than a local expert to help you experience the unspoiled beauty of these famous places?

Through my advice you will be able to avoid any nasty surprises on your trip, I am able to advise you on the perfect itinerary, whether you want to enjoy the most famous cities, or you are more interested in Hiking trails or Cooking Classes. Immerse yourself in the true soul of the Amalfi Coast means rediscovering the value of tradition, food and art that created it.

Look through the activities that I propose, you can book them individually, or ask for a free consultation, we will create together the vacation tailored for you!

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