Tourism that helps

The new way to travel that relaxes you and supports the environment.

There is a way of doing tourism that helps the environment and local communities. A gentle approach that is called Ecotourism.

Tourism is the sector that has suffered the most in recent years, but there will be a change! Like everything in nature, nothing happens by chance and all things live a cyclicality. So we won’t stop traveling. Human beings are travelers before being sedentary. We are nomads in our DNA. Our culture has led us to believe that we are only safe in our comfort zone, but this is not the case.

When we travel we are free, free to learn about other sides of ourselves, free to connect with our fears and our dreams. Free to make them happen, the dreams.

And so no, we won’t stop traveling. We’re going to do it with more consciousness, more respect and more responsibility.

Have you ever thought about what the future of tourism could be?

As I introduced you in the first article “Have you ever been to the real Amalfi Coast?“, I started my business with the premise of helping you discover the True Amalfi Coast by proposing activities really connected to this land, immersed in nature.

In recent years, the problem of mass tourism is increasing. It is built for tourists and ignores the local population. It is limited to the construction of large hotels and resorts, sometimes so hideous as to destroy the landscape. And that’s just the way it is. The houses, the parks, the streets of many cities seem to be built specifically to accommodate tourists, forgetting about those who live there, 365 days a year. People travel badly, moving in a short time, ignoring the cultural identity of the country in which they arrive, trampling on nature and pretending that the place is up to the expectations on social networks. The problem is not just climate change, which for many is intangible and distant. The problem is also the impact on fragile cultures and ecosystems.

Instead, ecotourism, the one done well, the respectful one, the one that knows the limits, not only does not destroy, but helps.

More and more travelers feel the need to be in contact with nature, for short or long periods, just like you and me!

Being immersed in the green makes us feel good and scientific data confirms this. According to scientists, spending time in nature allows us to recover energy from the stress and fatigue generated by the excessive stimulation of all our senses to which we are subjected daily in our everyday life.

Did you know that walking in a country meadow or a forest can have a relaxing effect, is good for circulation and helps prevent diseases? In addition, the contemplation of nature can have beneficial effects from the psycho-emotional point of view, because it activates the deepest areas of our brain, which regulate, among other things, the sensations related to pleasure and well-being. In short, walking in a forest, for our body is a bit like making love!

Traveling in nature is also an excellent solution for those who do not want to give up the vacation or outing in a period when travel between geographical areas, although allowed, may become more problematic. Walking in the mountains or staying in a camping among vineyards allows you to avoid mass tourism, avoiding dangerous gatherings.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on vacation.

It’s a hot August day, you have just finished to hike the Path of the Gods and you are relaxing in the shade of a vine sipping a glass of deep red wine accompanied by a cheese platter. Your eyes relax at the sight of the green Lattari Mountains along the sea. There is no noise, no traffic, you have nothing to think about. There is only you and nature. You are happy.

These are the emotions I want to convey to you, these are the emotions I feel every time I walk through the streets of Tramonti, nicknamed the Green Lung of the Amalfi Coast.

Obviously the beauty of the cities such as Positano, Amalfi and Ravello are incomparable, probably you have already visited them, but I want to show you, at the same time, a few miles away, the true essence of this country. What you can hardly find if not accompanied by locals.

Sustainable tourism at a glance

The slow and experiential ecotourism that is developing here, offers, to those who live it, the opportunity to recharge their batteries in a unique place. Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site, Tramonti represents special features of exceptional importance from a cultural and natural point of view. From excursions in the mountains on foot or by bike to tastings for every palate, with fresh ingredients and products at zero distance. And why not, a boat ride is always romantic.

A few steps from mass tourism, I will take you to the origins of this land, where time seems to stand still. Where you will regain your energy and above all where you will create everlasting memories.

And you, have you ever thought to experience a holiday in contact with nature in a healthy environment to discover the real beauty of the coast and benefit from what the earth offers?

Come discover this new way of being an ecotourist with me!

Take a look at the activities that I propose, we can create together your vacation or individual daily activities. If you have any doubts email me, I’m happy to answer all your questions! Let’s begin togheter the new generation of ecoturist!

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