Wine tasting and Culinary experiences

"I'm a man of simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best."
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In the heart of the wonderful landscape of the Amalfi Coast,  Tramonti, there are some of the oldest vineyards in Italy. They are monumental plants of Tintore (rare autochthonous vine) which are about 300 years old. They have been saved thanks to the soils rich in pumice and volcanic sands, resting on calcareous rocks. These vineyards are open-air museums of wine history. Along the path you will find ungrafted vines. Rare and ultracentenarian, with mightly and interwoven branches, bear quality fruit with special features. You will know the secrets of the local wines, discover their peculiarities and processes that lead from fruit to glass.

wine experience
osteria reale gete

Azienda Agricola Reale

Scent of earth, breeze from the sea, vineyards and mountains: a scenario and atmosphere unique. Suspended in time, in the charming Gete village, you will drive along trails to the discovery of vineyards belonging to Azienda Reale. A tour that will reveal much more than you can imagine and will leave you with desire to return.

Wine Tour and Tasting

DURATION: 1.00h approx.
After a walk among the vineyards of the farm there will be a tasting of 4 wines "Azienda Agricola Reale"matched to typical products.

Wine Tour and Lunch

DURATION: 2/3.00 approx.
Full a la carte lunch with traditional dishes after a walk through the vineyards.

cantina tagliafierro tramonti

Cantina Tagliafierro

The production of Tagliafierro is committed to the respect of the territory and of the consumer, being a company of conversion to organic, stands out for the guideline of without "added sulphites" and on the production of wines with denomination of Amalfi Coast.

Wine Tour and Tasting

Duration: 2:00h approx.
Tasting in the vineyard with a choice of 3 or 4 wines "Cantina Tagliafierro" in combination with local products.

Tenuta san francesco

Tenuta San Francesco

Tenuta San Franesco's secular vineyards and wine represent inestimable values: vines allow the production of something unique and not replicable elsewhere. Historical vineyards, real open-air museums, heritage of our ancestors, guarded by the fiery family with dedication, sacrifice and passion. The winery is located in Corsano, in Tramonti, a symbolic place of Italian and worldwide wine tourism.

Wine Tour and Tasting

Duration: 1-2:00h approx.
Visits to the historical pre-philloxera vineyards (300-500 years old) with wine tasting of 3 D.O.C. wines "Amalfi Coast- Tramonti" paired with selection of cheeses and salami.

Wine Tour and light Lunch

Duration: 2:00h approx.
Visits to the historical pre-philloxera vineyards (300-500 years old) with wine tasting of 3 D.O.C. reserve wines "Amalfi Coast- Tramonti" paired with a 4-course light lunch.

Wine Tour and Lunch

Duration: 2-2:30h approx.
Visits to the historical pre-philloxera vineyards (300-500 years old) with wine tasting of 3 D.O.C. reserve wines "Amalfi Coast- Tramonti" and a sparkling wine paired with a 5-course lunch.

Cooking class

From the garden to the table. A unique experience in which you will learn how to prepare a traditional meal made of 5 courses: an entire menu, from appetizer to dessert of a typical family Italian Mediterranean cuisine.

Agriturismo il Tintore

Agriturismo Il Tintore

Recommended for those who want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the Amalfi Coast and relax under the vines ... intimate, familiar, warm, relaxing. It is a place that emanates love. Really a great farm, where you can taste the typical products of the house. All of their own production, a real surprise ... good everything from the appetizer, the first, second and dessert. The location is very characteristic, between mountains and vineyards in the heart of the village of Capitignano, Tramonti.

A day with the farmer

Duration: 4-5:00h approx.
From the land to the table, you'll start by picking the vegetables of the season after a good coffee and a dessert. Raffaella will teach you the tricks for an excellent handmade pasta and the right sauce to match. A cheese tasting, and then everyone at the table to enjoy the reward of the day!

Pasta Day

Duration: 2:00h approx.
Gnocchi, Ravioli, 'Ndunderi and Tagliatelle
I bet you've never heard of them. Come and learn the secrets of how to prepare it in the best way on a farm, the excellent ingredients are waiting to be mixed... and enjoyed!

Cheeses tasting

Duration: 2-2:30h approx.
Demonstration of mozzarella and preparation of homemade cheeses, with tastings of 3 cheeses with jams, honey and glass of wine.

Fior di Latte

A fresh cheese made of spun paste, Fior di Latte or simply mozzarella is produced with milk from a breed of cow raised according to tradition in the Lattari Mountains. Its origins are very ancient and in 1996 it obtained the certification of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed. As such it has been officially included in the list of traditional Italian Food Products (P.A.T).
The tour suggested for you is a visit to the dairy where they will reveal all the secrets for a perfect spinning, ending of course with an excellent tasting with intriguing combinations.

mozarella, italian, cheese-3521.jpg

pizza class

You can enjoy more than just pizza in Tramonti’s most scenic landscape, but you can take one of our pizza making classes and discover the secrets of one of Naples’ oldest arts.
You can learn every step of preparing a pizza, from mixing the dough, to rolling it out, and then cooking it in the wood-burning oven.
When the work is finished you can enjoy tasting the result of your efforts.

pizza, pizzeria, food.jpg


Discover through our liqueur factory which are the most famous liqueurs and digestives. Starting from Limoncello made from real Sfusato Amalfitano (lemons grown by the sun, by the warm winds coming from the south and protected by the Lattari Mountains), passing through Concerto of Tramonti (the oldest on the Amalfi Coast). Not to be forgotten the Fennel, the Meloncello, the Strawberry

amalfi coast limoncello