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"Whether it's to conquer a peak admiring breathtaking landscapes or to breathe some fresh air away from the city, the mountain can give us many positive emotions that make us feel happy."
valle ferriere


DEPARTURE: Amalfi (circular route)





Leaving from Piazza Duomo in Amalfi, walking first through the historical alleys of the ancient Maritime Republic and then up a steep staircase, used by the people of Amalfi since the Middle Ages to escape the Saracen invasions. Walking along the Rio Canneto we will cross the valley in a very suggestive context, admiring waterfalls, streams and the ruins of the ancient paper mills that produced the “Amalfi paper” still used today. We will then reach the Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere created for the preservation of the giant fern “Woodwardia Radicans” of the preglacial era. After the guided tour of the Reserve we will walk back towards Amalfi with the possibility of stopping in one of the farms along the way for a tasting of local products, strictly seasonal.

Formichelle's Path

DEPARTURE: Pucara- Tramonti (SA)

ARRIVAL: Minori (SA)

LENGHT: 8.5 KM – DURATION: 3.30h


From the green valleys of Tramonti to the terraces of lemon trees until you reach the Costa delle Sirene in Minori. The path is a trek of medium difficulty that allows you to reach the town of Minori through a pleasant walk through history, culture and nature. The path allows you to visit churches, ancient villages, lemon gardens, woods and suddenly… the sea! 

The Sentiero delle Formichelle (Path of the Ants) is a tribute to the women who over the centuries have distinguished themselves for the abnegation with which they have allowed the transport of local products, particularly lemons, through the roughness of the territory. We are talking about a story that is still present in the historical memory of the inhabitants of this magnificent part of Italy. During this walk we will understand all the world that revolves around the famous Lemon IGP “sfusato amalfitano” … History, anecdotes, cultivation techniques and the different uses, tasting, among other things, one of the lemon-based pastry creations of the master Sal De Riso. 

Path of the 13 churches with lunch

DEPARTURE: Polvica- Tramonti (SA) 

ARRIVAL: Polvica- Tramonti (circular route)



Tramonti is one of the mountain municipalities of the Amalfi Coast, known for having given its name to the North Wind (Tramontana). The territory is made up of 13 villages, distribuited in a circle around the hill of Santa Maria, where in the 15th century the Aragonese Castle of Santa Maria la Nova stood. The semi-urban route crosses the 13 villages along ancient mule tracks, historic centers, terraces of secular vines immersed in nature, touching the authenticity of the place first hand, also allowing you to visit some very ancient churches of medieval origina long the way. This experience offers the opportunity to visit dairies, wineries, farmhouses and ancient ovens to taste the local food and wine excellences of the area. The local trekking guide which will be escorting you over this path is very knowledgable and will take you throught  the various points mentioned above. From the art&craft to the local delicacies that only a true local could know about. The best ending for this tour is to enjoy the local food in a traditional trattoria immersed in the vineyard depicted by nature. A perfect scenario to enjoy the tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of the coast.


DEPARTURE: Bomerano-Agerola

ARRIVAL: Positano



Defined as one of the best 10 trails in the world and traveled by almost one hundredthousand people a year, the Gods used it to save Ulysses from the hypnotic songs of the Sirens. Wild local pastures mixed with ancient legends and breathtaking views of the Amalfi peninsula will accompany us throughout the walk to the village of Nocelle, where we will make a short stop to taste an excellent lemon sorbet. We will continue our excursion down along an ancient staircase of 1700 steps that will lead us directly to the heart of the colourful yet trendy town of Positano. In the early afternoon, after shopping and visiting the historic center, we suggest returning to Amalfi using the ferry, so you can admire the Amalfi Coast from the sea and magically end the day in the most relaxing way possible.

Path of mount finestra

DEPARTURE: Valico di Chiunzi – Tramonti  

ARRIVAL: Valico di Chiunzi – Tramonti (circular route)

LENGHT: 10.5 KM- DURATION: 4:30h


Tramonti is an authentic and unspoiled land, offers the lovers of nature, landascapes and panoramas one of the most fascinating routes in the Lattari Mountains chain in the shape of “Mount Finestra”. Starting from the Chiancolella locality, we will travel part of the path 300, namely the “High Ground Way of  Lattari Mountains” going up to Mount Finestra (1138mt- 3733ft above the sea level), where you will have the opportunity to view across the mountain chain Mt. Vesuvius with the Gulf of Naples, while to the other side you can view the bay of Salerno, as well as glimpses of the Amalfi Coast and Ravello which dominates the hills. Once at the top, a tasting of typical Tramonti products will act as a frame to one of the most beautiful views of the Amalfi coast, before returning to the starting point via a secondary path with a far distance view of the mighty volcano( his majesty Mt. Vesuvio) and the Gulf of Naples where we walk immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation. 

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